I call myself the Message Crafter in the tradition of the author Robinson Jeffers, who commissioned a stone mason to build his beloved Tor House in Carmel, California on the condition that the stone mason make Jeffers his apprentice. Jeffers went on to build the adjacent Hawk Tower for his wife and children – a tribute to the stone mason’s skill as a craftsman and teacher and Jeffers’ ability to learn a discipline other than the one he was born to.

In my 25-year career, I have worked with many people, most of whom do not have “writer”, “editor” or “communicator” after their name on their business card. Yet, they are writing and editing sometimes as much as 60 percent of their time. I am privileged to work with them as they perfect their craft to the mutual benefit of themselves and their communities.

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Supporting others in perfecting their writer’s craft by…

Coaching others in their writing

  • Authors working on their first or second book
  • Writers of blogs
  • Subject matter experts offering content on the web
  • Social media posters
  • Applicants to undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Product developers
  • Engineers and Information Technology experts
  • Life and business coaches
  • Marketers
  • Other professional writers / editors


  • Web copy that reads as if it were written by a human being
  • Ad copy that brings you qualified leads
  • Marketing communications that showcase your expertise
  • Training materials and how-to guides
  • Blog articles with your name in the by line


  • Developmental editing (planning, reviewing and rewriting content)
  • Critiquing existing content for suitability in other contexts
  • Copyediting (reviewing and correcting grammar, syntax, word choice and spelling)


  • Coordinating input to and review by several contributors to a writing project
  • Checking pre-print copies to ensure content accuracy

A former client wrote:Sue is thorough and yet creative…