Sue is a passionate editor…she believes in my work…she understands my
writing style and my voice…without Sue I wouldn’t have my book.

– Dr. Chau Phan, Pleasant Care Pharmacy

Sue has been nothing but a godsend for my business and me. I really couldn’t do what I do without her. She supports me with a great balance between coaching my writing and writing and / or editing content for my business.

For those who don’t know me, my thought process can sometimes be complex, almost too philosophical in nature. If left on my own, I have been known to lose my reader from time to time. With Sue by my side, I find I can again be relatable to my readers.

Sue has helped me gain confidence in my writing and has taught me to think of myself as a strong writer, one who deserves to be heard because I have something special and relevant to share with the world. I’ve grown so much since working with Sue. I am grateful that I have her as a part of my success team.

– Veronica Taylor, Resilience Coach & Strategist, Life Leaders Coaching & Consulting

When I first met Sue, I immediately knew she would be an editor I’d like to work with. I appreciate Sue’s collaborative style as a person and as The Message Crafter. Sue is dynamic; she loves what she does, and most important, she makes herself available to work WITH her clients. She has a genuine way of connecting with people. As a coach myself, I appreciate how important authenticity is in a collaborative relationship. If you are looking for an editor or writing coach for your projects, call Sue. You will be glad you did.

– Monica Nolasco, Ed.D., SAGE Career Coaching

Sue gets me and the direction I want to go with my business and marketing message. She reflects back to me exactly what I tell her. Sue adapted quickly and was supportive throughout the twists and turns of writing my e-book, ensuring the project got out on time without mistakes.

Sue’s commitment to excellence prompted me to ask for her assistance on my site and my next book. Having worked with her now on several projects, I find her to be organized, focused and down to earth. With Sue’s support and expertise, I feel confident in the work I create. I would never have known I could enjoy writing and feel this is my calling if it hadn’t been for her.

– Lynzie Bailey, writer and spiritual coach

Sue collaborated with me so that I could tell my story in a way that communicates clearly what I am all about. My book tells my story my way without sacrificing clarity. Sue, thank you for your patience, sense of humor, and above all, your professionalism.

– Eva Angvert Harren, body-centered healing coach

Sue Stoney, principal of the, is more than a collaborative editor. Her insights and careful yet steady hand became the linchpin in the completion of a book that was in danger of never being finished.

Sue was able to understand and interpret both highly technical and spiritual information, melding them together to find the authorial voice.

In short, she is amazing.

– Randy Wight, President, Geomic Code, LLC

‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’ is a popular phrase I use often and in this case have amended to say ‘when the writer needs help, send in Sue.’ Meeting Sue Stoney, owner of the Message Crafter, gave me the boost I needed to complete my book How to Own the Stage.

Sue asked great questions about content and audience and collaborated with me in creating a structure that works for the audience and inspired me to do the hard work of good writing.

Sue is a diligent and gentle task master with great humor and is a joy to have as a teammate. I am in constant amazement at how a former government proposal business writer with great credentials and impeccable editing skills can work so effectively with an artist and professional speaker.

We have begun my next writing project, and I look forward to having her support. I know my message will be understood and appreciated by my audiences, and the book will be completed and a best seller.

– Gary C. Smith, speaking coach and author of How to Own the Stage

johnknoxIf you employ Sue Stoney for your project, I know you will experience what I have while working with her – someone who writes with an editor’s eye and edits with a writer’s keen grasp of language and its powerful effect on behavior.

– John Knox, Principal, Knox Communications

ClementHoIt has been a great pleasure working with Sue. She is one of the best tech writers I have met. She is thorough and yet creative. She worked on my business presentation and business proposal. The outcome is phenomenal. I highly recommend her.

– Clement Ho, Founder & CEO, VeDoo Mobile Technology Inc.