The innovation of WhiteBlack goes far beyond its design: the real power is hidden inside, where a wordpress admin functionality is brought to a completely new level. The custom cmsmasters’ wordpress admin panel was developed to become the only tool you will ever need to manage a great website: anything you might ever need is built right into your admin panel, so as  a result there is no need for you to have to install any additional plugins. WhiteBlack theme is based on the newest 1.2 version of Cmsmasters’ custom wordpress admin panel that allows a profound website management to be performed easily and hassle-free.  The customized admin significantly expands original functionality of WordPress CMS, turning it into a one-stop solution for creating a beautiful website with highly diversified content. The custom admin key feature is a drag’n’drop WYSIWYG content composer – the newest tool crafted by Cmsmasters developers.

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