WhiteBlack WP

We believe in minimalistic designs powered by rich functionality. Whiteblack WP theme was developed to become a one-stop solution for all types of business-oriented websites, though its functionality and easily customizable design allow to use it precisely for any website.   

The innovation of WhiteBlack goes far beyond its design: the real power is hidden inside, where a wordpress admin functionality is brought to a completely new level. The custom cmsmasters’ wordpress admin panel was developed to become the only tool you will ever need to manage a great website: anything you might ever need is built right into your admin panel, so as  a result there is no need for you to have to install any additional plugins.

Meet Our Team

Eugene Sherman

Senior Developer

WhiteBlack admin panel includes a Super Extended Shortcodes pack for sophisticated content formatting and improved presentation. A wide collection of useful widgets allow you improve your website's interaction with visitors, bringing its functionality to a new level.

Alice Cleanwater


WhiteBlack Wordpress theme was designed for customers with an exceptional taste, for those who can see the original beauty of modesty and purity. Clean design is meant to become a perfect canvas for any website, providing space for brand style presentation. 

Mike Sanders

Creative Director

Drag'n'drop content parts across your page in visual Content Composer and as easily edit their appearance, insert featured blocks, sliders, tables, various media etc. Save custom layout templates to use them over and over again. Intuitive to use even for an amateur.




Make a wish, and WhiteBlack will take care of it! Easily choose Boxed or Fullwidth layout, set any background color, pattern or image. Choose a right/left sidebar or none, turn on and off middle and bottom sidebars, place a slider on any part of your page. Easily rearrange shortcodes and widgets on your page and resize their widths.

Super Support

We care not only to create quality themes, but as well make sure our customers succeed to setup a fantastic website no matter whether being a professional or an amateur Wordpress user. This is why we are keep to providing you with the most helpful support and assistance. Besides, this, we supply all our themes with the most detailed documentation, so that precisely any possible question you may encounter is thoroughly covered and explained.

Form Builder

Powerful Form Builder lets you create a really interactive website easily. With this form Builder you can make not only great contact  forms, but as well wonderful questionnaires and polls to involve your website visitors into a discussion and collect the data you need. These forms and questionnaires can be located on any place of your page,  including content area or sidebars, as well as resized to a certain width.

Wordpress Development 95%
CSS3 77%
HTML5 83%
Design 65%
SEO 88%